Beach Addresses

Pahoehoe Beach Park 77- 6434 Ali'i Drive

Honl's Beach 75-5888 Ali'i Drive

Old Airport 75-5560 Kuakini Hwy

(At Old A's we practice on the northern-most crescent beach at the end of the old runway.)


Class Descriptions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to bring

my own yoga mat? 

We always bring a few extra yoga mats , straps, and blocks to class with us for our students to borrow.  If you live here and attend classes often we recommend you get your own yoga mat. If you are visiting, feel free to leave your mat at home but you may want to bring a towel with you for added comfort. 

Should I register for yoga classes ahead of time?

Since we don't have walls or doors in our yoga studio we don't have limits on our class sizes. This means you don't ever need to sign up or register for one of our yoga classes  before the class starts. Please feel free to drop into any class that suits your own schedule. 

What should I bring?

Bring some water to drink, any yoga tools you may have or know that you might need,  and bring a donation when you can please.

 We also love it when you bring your smile, and your friends.  


Meet the Ohana

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Tylus Quan Do biography Hawaii Beach Yoga
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