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Celeste Cline

Growing up in Arizona made me an athlete - running & biking the deserts, skateboarding the streets & swimming in Lake Powell were some of my favorite activities. I decided to make my passion for fitness a career after graduating from college at NAU.

I earned my personal training certification from NASM in Arizona in 2006. Personal Training was inspiring, and my enthusiasm for helping others find comfort in their bodies grew in tandem with my personal yoga practice.


In Hawaii I found the Konalani Ashram and they helped me recognize there was a yoga teacher already inside of myself just waiting to share my passion. I was certified to teach Hatha Yoga in 2009 and in the same year started Hawaii Beach Yoga.

I feel I am reaching my own highest potential when helping others find theirs. I love to teach my yoga classes with a "Celestial twist" on the traditional postures, and I also really enjoy guiding my students through the vinyasa style of flowing hatha yoga. 

When I am not teaching yoga, I own and run a Deli here on the Big Island. You can join me for a beach yoga class any Thursday at Honls Beach from 8:00 - 9:30am.

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