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Kaimana Lighthawk

As a youth, I was introduced to yoga by my only uncle, after he returned from India. Growing up in Hilo, HI, near Rainbow Falls, I enjoyed practicing this new martial art under full moons while humming mantras he had shared. In college I began teaching meditation to fellow students, through the university counseling department, integrating stress management for test taking. After college, I integrated the energy work of Chi Kung with active light­-body meditation and energy healing at the Berkeley Psychic Institute where I was ordained as a psychic minister, and later through the Light Workers’ Center of Hilo. When my father died in his 60's from poor health habits, I left my corporate computer trainer career, and have been sharing yoga and core Pilates for the 12 years since. Every year students tell me that after 1 year of yoga they feel 10 years younger!
Gathering inspiration regularly from festivals like Shakti/Bhakti Festival & 

Lightning In a Bottle, my style is a blend of slow flow (Vinyasa) inspired by Aloha breathing, Chi Kung, Thai Massage and dancers’ light-body activations.

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